For a new lifestyle

My name is Maureen Bowman and I'm a clinical hypnotherapist based in Durham and practising throughout the NorthEast of England.

I'm a member of the British Academy of Hypnosis and qualified to provide Hypnotherapy and Quantum Pain Therapy solutions for

many situations. I'm also a Life Coach offering a self-awareness program known as 'The Quantum Gift'.

See below for a brief description of each.


Hypnosis sessions are available for most conditions including anxiety, stress, confidence boosts, fears and phobias, relaxation,

stop smoking, weight loss, past life regression etc. Sessions can be arranged on a one to one basis or group basis where appropriate.

One of the most popular therapies at present is gastric band hypnosis where the mind is convinced that a gastric band has been

fitted in order to reduce weight. This has all of the advantages of a real gastric band but none of the disadvantages.

Quantum Pain Therapy

Offers relief from chronic pain through the power of the mind and has been used successfully in cases where

conventional techniques have failed.

The Quantum Gift

Is a self awareness program that offers real life changing opportunities to participants allowing them to dramatically

alter their lives for the better.

In addition to personal sessions, CDs covering all therapies are also available.

For further information on any of the above please contact me.

Contact details.

Name:   Maureen Bowman B.A.Hyp.

Tel.:      0844 802 CALM (for CALM dial 2256)

Mobile:  07970 102312